About us

 Bi Teknoloji A.Ş. 

Bitakip, Bi Teknoloji A.Ş. was established in 2017. We have been serving you with our valuable aspects with our team that has been growing day by day since 2017! With our industry-leading solutions, we can explain the benefits of vehicle tracking costs to even more audiences with our growing user base, and ensure efficient use of time in their daily lives. It is able to offer versatile services to our users through our three main solutions; We are rapidly advancing to companies in the sector with our Vehicle Tracking Systems, Fleet Tracking Systems, Person and Object Tracking Systems service targets.

Vehicle Tracking Systems - Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions

With our vehicle tracking systems solutions, we provide services to our users under six main headings. Our vehicle tracking system service includes the headings of defining route-area, stopping the vehicle, reporting historical information, defining speed limit and creating instant warning notifications. Thanks to these six titles, you can observe the speed of the vehicles, the route they follow, comprehensive reporting and take control of your vehicles.
Along with our fleet tracking and management solutions, we provide you with a total of three sub-headings. This package includes service km maintenance checks, periodic maintenance km checks and detailed reporting services. You can purchase our packages quickly by accessing detailed information about our packages on our packages page!

Person and Object Tracking Systems 

To protect the people and objects you value by following them, Bi Kolay, Bi Teknoloji A.Ş. It's so easy now! The people you love will always be in front of you, you can control them whenever you want, and you can track them in real time via your internet connection thanks to GPS. Thanks to our Person and Object Tracking Systems, you will be able to respond quickly in emergencies by receiving e-mail and SMS notifications. You can take a look at our products page to get detailed information and to examine our products.