Vehicle Tracking System

Easily track your vehicles with Bitakip

Our vehicle tracking system is a system that allows you to track and control your vehicles 24/7 via GPS satellites. You can follow this system instantly on any computer tablet and smart phone with internet connection. In addition to the instant service, this system also provides you with the opportunity to monitor the vehicles retrospectively. With the vehicle tracking system, you can find the route where the tracked vehicle follows the speed, stops, idle times and many more information. Here are the vehicle tracking system benefits and features offered by Bitakip

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking System Easily track your vehicles with Bitakip Our vehicle...

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Filo Takip ve Yönetim Çözümleri

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Kişi ve Nesne Takip Sistemleri

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Easy Accessibility

More Pure, Simpler and easier

Thanks to the Bitakip vehicle tracking system, access all the route and instant information of your vehicles in your fleet from a single screen. In addition, you can track the mileage and contact information of the vehicle. It can stop your vehicles remotely and facilitates the maintenance of vehicles and the follow-up of maintenance-related reports with its fleet tracking and management system.

You can access instant speed information of your vehicles with Bitakip,

You can see the instant address information of your vehicle's location on the map on the screen.

You can easily access instant live location information and historical route route information.

Vehicle History Tracking

Easily access all historical information

Vehicle history monitoring from the vehicle tracking system features offers you many opportunities at the same time. By selecting the historical information of your vehicles, you can follow the route you want, animatedly, and you can examine the waiting motion and parking times in detail. You can easily track the changes in the route you have made as a speed graph.

You can see the start and end point, km, contact and address information in the time interval you set.

Vehicle History Detailed Reporting

Quickly download reports of all your vehicles from the past

Raporlama ekranları üzerinden araçlarınız gün içinde yaptığı tüm aktivitelerinin detaylarına ulaşabilirsiniz. Tüm raporlarda iki tarih arası veya saat aralıkları seçebilir yada sadece hafta sonu araç kullanımlarını raporlayabilirsiniz.

You can access the details of all the activities of your vehicles during the day on the reporting screens that you can access via our vehicle tracking system. You can choose between two dates or time intervals in all reports, or you can only report weekend vehicle usage.

Past Route Simulation

You can watch the historical record information as a simlutation by selecting the time interval of the vehicle you want

History Tracking Route İnformation

You can access the route information drawn by the vehicles in your fleet in the past, and you can see the number of stops and the number of times parked between the distances

Travel And Activity Report

You can view and download the travels of the vehicles you have selected in your fleet between the specified dates and times as addresses and coordinates

The Daily Mileage Report

Through the system, you can see how many kilometers your vehicles have traveled in the two date and time intervals that you specify, where the mileage information from the vehicle tracking device is reported

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