A Instant alert notifications

Bitakip vehicle tracking system offers you instant alert notifications for all the features you use. With this feature, you can follow all the developments in your fleet moment by moment and easily check whether things are going well. This useful feature that Bitakip offers you allows all the definitions you set for your vehicles in your vehicle tracking system account to work completely.

It is a waste of time to check the route definition, zone definition, overspeed location, movement information and vehicle operation definitions that you set in vehicle tracking systems one by one. That's why our team has developed instant alert notifications that will greatly facilitate your work. 

Bunun yanında, anlık uyarı bildirimlerinizi, işlerinizin gidişatına veya işinizle alakalı bir aksiyona göre de belirleyebilirsiniz. Örneğin, kargo araçlarınız yola çıktığında, teslim edilen her ürün için tek tek bildirim alabilir, araçlarınız müsait olup olmadığını gelen bildirimlere göre öğrenebilirsiniz.  You can follow the developments every second with the notifications sent to you via the system when a situation that goes beyond the values you have determined from the above parameters or when an unexpected event occurs. 

Notification by SMS

You can learn about the definitions you have created in your fleet vehicles and the changes that have occurred in these definitions, and via your mobile phone. If you receive instant alert notifications via SMS; Even if you are not at the computer, you can manage your company and maintain your dominance. Discover the benefits of new generation vehicle tracking systems, thanks to this feature, which will be especially useful for managers who travel a lot and have to change location during the day!

Notification by Email

You can learn about the definitions you have created in your fleet vehicles and new developments through the e-mail addresses you have specified. Employers with a busy business life may want to specify a separate e-mail address only for their fleet and developments that may occur in this fleet. In this way, while checking your e-mails and messages, you will not miss the events happening in your company, and you will always know the status of your company thanks to the e-mail notification feature.

Web software notification

You can receive instant alert notification from your web page account in the definitions you create in your fleet vehicles. This feature, which is very convenient for employers who have a staff in their company to follow developments and manage the situation, also brings the advantage of flexible use. With this feature, you can transfer control of the web software to everyone in your company and make sure that the developments are monitored while you are busy. 


If you can't follow your vehicles all the time, follow the notifications!

Depending on the intensity of your work, there may be situations where you cannot follow your vehicles in your fleet. In these cases, you can use our instant alert notifications instead of trying to control your vehicles in a hurry and get confused. The definitions you have created for such densities allow you to be informed about the developments by notifying you only when certain actions take place. You can also reduce your workload with instant notifications, and you can greatly alleviate your intensity by just following the notifications.

Instant alert notifications, which can work flawlessly on any number and every e-mail you define, become a symbol of speed and usability. It's that simple to take control of your vehicles with instant SMS, e-mails and in-system alerts. All you have to do is set the instant alert notifications of your vehicle tracking system and focus on your own business and take your company to higher levels.

If you want to have this extraordinary service and useful system, you can contact Bitakip. With our advantageous offers, systems that ease the burden of businesses, and our innovative approach, we make our customers who prefer us the shining stars of their sectors. Come on, become a Bitakip member and take your first step into the privileged business world with revolutionary software!